will bring your pet back to life
Dietetic veterinary product

What are the effects of EnteroZoo?

EnteroZOO serves to detoxify an animal's body. While passing through the digestive tract it binds toxic substances, pathogenic bacteria and allergens and conducts them out of the body in the stool.

EnteroZOO detoxifies the body, binding middle-molecular toxic substances, pathogenic bacteria and allergens during its passage through the digestive tract and eliminating them from the organism. EnteroZoo is not absorbed.

it alleviates the course of infectious diarrhoea, poisoning and allergic afflictions

it regulates chronic diarrhoea in animals

it accelerates the healing of wounds

it reduces harmful effects during antibiotic treatment

it improves the general resistance and condition of the animal

First aid when animals are poisoned: At the first signs of poisoning immediately administer a double dose of EnteroZoo and seek out a veterinarian. EnteroZOO absorbs toxic substances and thus provides the animal with first aid in the case of poisoning!

EnteroZOO is also appropriate in case of infectious or chronic diarrhoea, digestive problems, nausea, lack of appetite and bloating, as well as during treatment of bacterial infections and allergies.

EnteroZOO acts as a selective filter in the digestive tract, capturing only pollutants such as toxic substances, bacteria, viruses and allergens, while leaving substances the body needs.

EnteroZOO removes pathogenic bacteria from the digestive tract, thereby helping adjust the balance of intestinal microflora, thereby supporting the animal's immune system.

You can administer EnteroZOO with other medicines; it is recommended you wait around 1 hour between them in order to avoid reducing effectiveness.