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Dietetic veterinary product

Expert information

EnteroZoo is highly effective in gastroenterology, nephrology, urology, surgery, and traumatology.

GASTROENTEROLOGY – selectively absorbs toxic substances, especially those that damage the digestive tract mucosa. In animals with intestinal infections, the use of EnteroZoo reduces the treatment period by 2 to 3 days (temperature normalises during the first day of application). By the 10th-12th day of use, the level of creatinine and urea has dropped, the bicarbonate buffering system has been renewed and the function of the kidneys has improved.

NEPHROLOGY, UROLOGY – EnteroZoo regulates digestion and microbiocenosis. It is involved in the cleansing of the internal environment of the body from final and toxic metabolites.

SURGERY, TRAUMATOLOGY – EnteroZoo is able to resolve a broad range of problems associated with bacterial infections, metabolic disorders and digestive functional disorders, which often accompany and complicate the course of surgical procedures. EnteroZoo may be applied to intact skin as well as directly onto wounds where traumatic tissue damage, burns and chronic inflammatory processes are concerned. EnteroZoo may be inserted to the urogenital system mucosa and to various parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

Test results, MVDr. Jan Zobač, Slavkov u Brna (download PDF)