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Testimonials of Breeders and Pet Owners

Treatment of diarrhoea of a dwarf rabbit

Our two-year-old rabbit had major diarrhoea. The next day we bought EnteroZOO at the pharmacy, and mixed 1 teaspoon of it into 1 dl of water and put it in the drinking fountain, which it surprisingly drank. Within two hours it made droppings. That was the evening. In the morning I woke up and it had diarrhoea again, but just a bit, so I gave him another teaspoon and then twice again during the day. Then he was fine.

Lucka B., Prague

Report on the administering of EnteroZOO


AGE: 48 hours

SITUATION: A ewe gave birth to two lambs (female) on 18 August 2015. Two days after birth one of the lambs started to experience health problems.


Soft, mushy stool, repeated frequent need to pass stool – always only a small amount passed. Stool sticking around the anus and hind legs. Otherwise lively with an interest in nursing.

TREATMENT: 0.5g per 1kg weight of EnteroZOO applied with syringe into mouth. Estimated weight of lamb 3 kg – roughly 6g administered twice a day. Given 6 times total.

SITUATION AFTER TREATMENT: Urge to pass stool significantly reduced, no stool secreted after half an hour of observation. Lamb is no longer as dirty around the anus. It is very lively and interested in its surroundings. Stool remains mushy, but is formed and excreted in greater amounts at once.

DAY AFTER LAST APPLICATION OF ENTEROZOO: No more signs of stool around the anus; frequent passing of stool no longer observed.

Treatment of foals with EnteroZOO

Friends, I would like to acquaint you with the highly effective detoxifying gel EnteroZOO, which has brought our foals back to life. My name is Karel Gachlert and I'm the former mayor of the village of Chýnice. Currently my main occupation is breeding thoroughbred horses. We inseminated our mares at the veterinary clinic and thanks to our success four foals were born. The first few months the foals developed normally, but with the start of winter, evidently because of the changing of the seasons and due to the lack of mother's milk, the foals began to lose their usual level of activity. Most of the time the foals laid around, wouldn't eat, were losing weight and were observed to have runny stool. At the veterinary clinic they recommended we deploy broad-spectrum antibiotics, but these had no positive effect. At the recommendation of a friend and fellow breeder, I started giving the foals EnteroZOO. EnteroZOO is a tasteless, odourless gel that I diluted in the ratio of 100g (1 tube) per 1 litre of water and administered 2 tubes, three times a day. The diarrhoea had already improved on the first day after administration and by the next day had ceased entirely and a great improvement could be observed in the animals. Now the foals are highly active and are a joy to behold.

Thank you! Karel Gachlert, Chýnice, 2 December 2013

Treatment of serious trauma to a Rhodesian Ridgeback with the help of EnteroZOO

1. August 2013 my Rhodesian Ridgeback Vincent van Gogh was seriously bitten by a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.
Pes4. August 2013 I was faced with the serious decision of whether to amputate the left rear paw all the way to the hock, or to operate and treat it with no guarantee that the dog would walk again.
Pes 5. August. 2013 we decided to operate the paw. Pes The paw was highly bruised, two toe bones were bitten through, each twice, and on the sole of the paw the muscle tissue had been bitten into. Pes After a two-hour operation wires were successfully inserted into the bone, but there was a problem with the missing muscle tissue on the paw. In the end the vet had to darn it like a sock. Antibiotics were selected and we began local treatment with an ointment Hemagel Apotex – the leg was rebandaged twice daily.
Pes 25. August 2013 after twenty days of treatment and daily rebandaging of the paw the wound did not want to heal. Pes At the advice of the physician I began to apply EnterZOO gel directly into the wound, which I also rebandaged twice a day, and the wound finally began to heal, to my enormous relief. I also gave Vincent EnteroZOO twice a day mixed into his food so that he would get back into shape more quickly. I photographed the course of the treatment. Pes
16. September 2013 we went to Černošice to the vets for a check-up and to have the wires removed and the doctor could not believe it! Both bones had grown together perfectly and the wound had closed up and finally started to heal up nicely. Pes According to the vet, the EnteroZOO gel had helped reduce the recovery time by a whole six weeks!
17. September 2013 Vincent starts walking on all fours!!!

Pes I would like to thank our excellent veterinarian Dr. Vít Lohr of Černošice very much; thanks to him my dog is walking again. Pes I would also like to thank EnteroZOO, thanks to which the wound healed up so nicely.

Sincerely, Jakub Kober and the dog Vincent van Gogh.

Finally our tummies our happy, thank you EnterZOO gel!!!!
Ája P.

I can only repeat that I swear by EnteroZOO and from now on we will always be sure to have it at home.
Darja T.

Report on administration of EnteroZOO to a rabbit

Animal: Rabbit, small breed, raised at home, approx. 2 kg

Age: 2 years

Situation before treatment: Very runny constant diarrhoea, which lasted 2 days. Stool sticking around the anus, on the abdomen and legs. The next afternoon a pet supply store in Prague 9 recommended that we purchase EnteroZOO. Put in the drinking fountain at a ratio of 1 teaspoon in 1 dl of water. Situation after treatment: Within 2 hours of treatment the rabbit had droppings, thus we did not administer EnteroZOO again. The next day, however, the rabbit had diarrhoea again, but much less severe than on the previous days and after another application of EnteroZOO the diarrhoea did not return. In total EnteroZOO was administered three times. The product acted very quickly and effectively.

Karolína Machačková, Prague, 5 June 2013

My cat almost died on me

It must have eaten a poisoned mouse. The vet gave me EnteroZOO and within half a day it started to get better. We put the gel in its mouth with a syringe.

Milena M., Trutnov, April 2013

I have a six-year-old Siamese cat

It doesn't go outside and suffered from urolithiasis and constipation. In 2010 it underwent several painful catheterisations and then was repeatedly diagnosed with kidney failure. I thought it would die. Luckily my vet recommended miraculous EnteroZOO, which saved its life. Using EnteroZOO, its creatinine and urea corrected themselves and since then the kidney failure did not return. Highly recommended.

Ms Teodora, March 2013

Every spring, cats shed and their winter coat is replaced with a new one.

Cats lick their fur every day; it is an instinct conditioned by removing their own scent in order to hunt better. At the same time, cats swallow the fur they have licked, thereby creating compact hairballs (bezoars) that cannot pass through the pylorus into the intestines. In order to rid themselves of them, cats must consume grass and for this reason they vomit as many as four or five times a day. Under domestic conditions this is of course, to say the least, unpleasant, and I believe that it cannot be that pleasant for the cats themselves either. My cat (British Shorthair, 5 years) has these problems every spring. I tried giving him ENTERO ZOO, which recently appeared on the Czech market. The effects were seen the very next day. The vomiting completely stopped and never returned. I cannot assess the mechanism by which ENTERO ZOO worked in the given case, but I expect that ENTERO ZOO prevents the formation of hairballs and helps improve the motoric and eliminatory functions of the digestive tract. I recommend adding this product to the cat´s food or water over the whole shedding period and have found that cats surprisingly quite enjoy it.

As we are not well acquainted with the appropriate diet for dogs, we generally feed our dog what we eat ourselves.

I put a large quantity of chicken bones leftover from lunch in his bowl. The following day our dog was very unwell. He repeatedly had blood in his stool and vomited foamy phlegm. He was constantly lying down, occasionally gulping down water. At the veterinary clinic that we took him to, an x-ray showed that his large intestine was completely clogged up with little bones. They gave him an enema, which was followed by a large amount of faecal discharge with a large amount of blood. The following day the bleeding continued (in the form of bloody diarrhoea). I therefore began giving him a dosage of ENTERO ZOO dissolved in water (1:1) three times a day. By the evening of the first day the dog´s condition had improved significantly; the bloody stool stopped and his appetite returned and he began to be active again. By the third day of taking ENTERO ZOO the dog had completely recovered. Miroslav Kapolka, Prague 5

Karel Trumak has 12 horses at his farm.

After a run in the forest, one four-month old foal developed frequent foamy liquid stool. Its overall condition also worsened. It had trouble standing up and remained almost constantly in a lying position. It did not even have the strength to nurse. Karel Trumak (a trained veterinarian) began to give him ETERO ZOO (two tablespoons in a half-litre bottle of milk – foal weight: 80 kg – three times daily). Never in his career had he experienced such an effective result. By the morning of the following day the foal had completely returned to health; it was active and ate and drank like before it fell ill. Karel Trumak is deeply thankful to the company that manufactures ENTERO ZOO.
Karel Trumak, Chýnice, Prague-West District, 10 August 2011